Skiing,...the ski resorts in Liptov...

Jasná (Chopok) Demänovská dolina - the Low Tatras

/ 23 min.

It is the largest and the most modern area of winter sports in Slovakia. There are a lot of skiing terrains on the both sides of Chopok in the total length of 46 km where you can choose from 30 cable ways and ski lifts. Only this resort will guarantee you snow up to 5 months in year. Altitude 900 - 2024 MASL: Jasná Demänovská dolina

Ski Žiarce Pavčina Lehota - the Low Tatras

/ 19 min.

The family ski area offers an ideal combination of ski terrains for beginners as well as for advanced skiers, 2 downhill tracks in the total length of 1600 m and 2 ski lifts. Altitude: 760 - 907 MASL: Ski Žiarce Pavčina Lehota

Ski area Roháče - Spálená dolina - the West Tatras

/ 29 min.

It is situated in the beautiful environs of the West Tatras in the valley under Salatín. Here, you can find optimal conditions for all levels of skiers as well as snowboarders, 5 ski slopes in the total length of 4,6 km, 3 ski lifts and 2 chairlifts. Altitude: 1090 - 1460 MASL: Ski area Roháče

Ski Park Ružomberok Malinô Brdo - Veľká Fatra

/ 26 min.

You can get into the area by a modern 8-seat-aerial tramway. In the resort there are 7 ski slopes of various levels in the total length of 12km, the longest ski slope is 3900 m long, 1 chairlift, 2 ski lifts and 4 ski lifts for beginners and children. It is an ideal place for family holiday. Altitude: 545 - 1209 MASL: Ski Park Ružomberok

Ski centre Opalisko Závažná Poruba - the Low Tatras

/ 21 min.

The family type resort where you can find cross-country skiing tracks in the length of 15 km, 5 ski slopes in the total length of 3320 m, 3 ski lifts and 1 chairlift. Altitude: 670 - 1020 MASL: Ski centrum Opalisko

Ski Park Zuberec - Milotín /Janovky - the West Tatras

/ 21 min.

You can find here two smaller interconnected ski resorts suitable mostly for children, beginners and intermediate skiers. Evening skiing in this resort has its unique atmosphere. There are 4 downhill tracks here in the length of 7,5 km and 8 ski lifts. Altitude: 730 - 1030 MASL: Ski Park Zuberec

Visit in Liptov natural and thermal outdoor swimming pools, warm springs, aqua parks which ensure you summer in each weather.

Aquapark Tatralandia

/ 5 min.

You can find there real tropical world between the West and Low Tatras massifs. Enjoy swimming pools with clear thermal or salty sea water. In the Tropical Paradise you will enjoy seaside atmosphere during the whole year: Aquapark Tatralandia

Aquapark Gino Paradise Bešeňová

/ 10 min.

You can enjoy 365 days a year you can enjoy the family water paradise in Liptov where you can find 23 swimming pools and Jacuzzi, 8 swimming pools with thermal water, a swimming pool with artificial waves or the fastest and the longest water slides in Slovakia. Aquapark Gino Paradise Bešeňová

Beach in nature - Liptovská Sielnica on the Liptovská Mara bank

/ 1 min.

It is an excellent place where you can spend pleasantly summer during hot days in Liptov. There is a beach with tiny stones and grassy area where you will certainly find your place for relaxing.

Natural swimming pool - Liptovský Trnovec by the Liptovská Mara bank

/ 5 min.

It is sought after by the water pleasure lovers. Pedal boats, kayaks, small boats for children, aqua z orbing, fly boarding, wake surfing, jet skis, scenic cruises....: MaraFUN

Thermal swimming pool - Thermal Paradise Liptovský Ján

/ 21 min.

A summer thermal swimming pools area and an indoor swimming pool of 50m, 2 paddling pools and a relaxing pool use spring Rudolf. Thermal water has provable healing powers. Thermal Paradise Liptovský Ján

Aqua-Vital Park Lúčky & Spa Lúčky

/ 19 min.

Have a rest and relax with your whole family in the unique thermal mineral water in indoor and outdoor pools. Aqua-Vital Park

Your excellent holiday in Liptov and places we recommend you to visit:

Fish shop

/ 0 min.

Try to catch trout by your hands and let it cooked immediately in the fish shop, baked and smoked trout is delicious.

Heliport Liptov

/ 5 min.

Scenic flights on helicopter over Liptov - take with you your family or friends and come to fly: Heliport Liptov Heliport Liptov

Hurricane factory

/ 5 min.

You and your children can fly and float in the safe height under the constant supervision by an experienced instructor: Hurricane factory

Babyland - detské kráľovstvo Villa Betula

/ 1 min.

"Paradise for children" - the biggest and best equipped children's playground in Liptov which offers more than 60 outdoor and indoor attractions for children and adults. Baby land

Mustang arena Villa Betula

/ 1 min.

It offers short circular tours for children as well as adults in the modern sandy arena in the size bigger than 10 Ares. An experienced horseback rider instructor will teach you the basics of the horse riding: Mustang arena

ZOO contact

/ 5 min.

You can meet animals from the very near here. It is allowed to touch and feed animals in the ZOO: ZOO contakt

Handy-Dandy - children's amusement centre

/ 10 min.

Make your children happy and visit the children's playroom in the shopping centre RGB in Liptovský Mikuláš: Handy-Dandy

Fun Park Žiarce

/ 19 min.

A summer bob-sleigh track in the village Pavčina Lehota where you surely spend nice time during all summer which you will remember for ages: Fun Park Žiarce


/ 26 min.

A rope Park the Low Tatras - enjoy some amount of adrenalin, little physical effort but mostly the perfect experiences in summer as well as in winter: Tarzania

Underground under Towers

/ 21 min.

A little Minting - world of the legendary underground land AGHARTHA, the Minting Jáne: Underground under Towers

Liptovská Mara - scenic cruises, small boats for children, aqua z orbing...

/ 4 min.

A camping site Liptovský Trnovec where you can rent and try pedal boats, sea kayaks, fly boarding, wake surfing, jet skis...all of these and even more: Mara Fun. In the port by the camping site, catamarans which you can sail Liptovská Mara anchor: Boat Mara

Go-kart halls

/ 12 min.

Children who the children's go-kart are prepared for are also welcome.

Adrenalin centre

/ 14 min.

Rafting - go canoeing along the water slalom area in Liptovský Mikuláš. Surely you will experience a lot of adventure and fun: Adrenalin centre

Riding a scooter downhill Žiarská dolina

/ 34 min.

A very popular summer family fun joined with a light walk to Žiarska chalet:

Mountains,...tourism, trips and walks along marvellous nature...

Prosiecka Valley and Kvačianska Valley

/ 4 min.

They count among the most beautiful and visited valleys in Slovakia. A very nice and little physically demanding walk along the nature trail through the both valleys takes about 6 hrs. Family resort Villa Flora*** is an ideal starting point for this whole day hike along the marvellous nature.

The High Tatras - Mountain Lake Štrbské pleso - Mountain Lake Popradské pleso

/ 49 min.

A path around the mountain lake Štrbské pleso, a beautiful and not physically demanding 4.-hrs.-walk from the mountain lake Štrbské pleso to the mountain lake Popradské pleso or a hike to the waterfall Skok are the ones of the most favourite hikes in the High Tatras which are also convenient for families with children.

The Low Tatras - Mountain Lake Vrbické pleso, Lookout tower - Pavčina Lehota

/ 23 min.

Set out for not physically demanding walk of the length about 1 km around the mountain lake Vrbické pleso from where you encounter amazing sights of the surrounding the Low Tatras ridges or to the lookout tower over the village Pavčina Lehota - Žiarce. These two hike destinations are also convenient for families with little children.

The Low Tatras - Jasná - Chopok - Ďumbier

/ 23 min.

By a cable way onto Chopok and crossing of the Low Tatras ridge in the height of 2000 MASL between the two highest peaks give you a wonderful view of the High Tatras, Liptov and the river Hron valley. The hike is moderately physically demanding and takes about 4 hrs.

The West Tatras - Mountain Lakes Roháčske plesá

/ 37 min.

The most attractive and precious tourist area of the West Tatras is just Roháče. The hike is little to moderately physically demanding. The whole hike with the height difference of 700 metres and the length of about 13 km from the chalet Zverovka to the mountain lakes Roháčske plesá and back takes with stop over about 6 hrs.

Slovenský raj

/ 59 min.

The National Park Slovenský raj is one of the most beautiful and most visited Slovak nature areas. Karstic narrows, waterfalls, canyons,...or Dobšinská Ice Cave in the south-west of the national park are the ones of the country treasures of Slovenský raj: Slovenský raj

Caves, charming undergrounds which were shaped not only with water and nature to amazing shapes.

Demänovská Ice Cave

/ 20 min.

It is situated in the valley Demänovská dolina, the National Nature Conservation Area of the National Park the Low Tatras. Demänovská Ice Cave

Demänovská Cave of Liberty

/ 22 min.

The national nature treasure the Demänovské Caves is the longest and the most visited cave system in Slovakia. Demänovská Cave of Liberty

Stanišovská cave

/ 21 min.

The only open cave every day over the whole year is beyond the village Liptovský Ján. Stanišovská cave

History,...castles, museums and natural treasures,...

Archaeological museum Havránok

/ 13 min.

This is a magic spot above Liptovská Mara not only because of marvellous view. It belongs among important archaeological sites in Slovakia which witnesses the presence of the Celtic people in Liptov from the 4th to the 1st cent. BC: Archaeological museum Havránok

Orava village museum in Zuberec - Brestová

/ 29 min.

A museum in the beautiful nature of the West Tatras -Roháče where you can find the folk architecture objects from the various regions of Orava: Orava village museum in Zuberec

Bojnice castle

/ 1h 58 min.

A romantic castle rebuilt in the turn of the 19th and the 20th centuries according to the French models. It is one of the most beautiful ancient monuments in Slovakia. Every year it is visited by visitors from all over the world. Bojnice castle

Liptov village museum in Pribylina

/ 27 min.

A neat village with a white church which shows you historical wooden and stone buildings from the flooded area with the dam Liptovská Mara and the exposition of the old Považska forest railway: Liptov village museum

Wooden articular church in Sv.Kríž

/ 25 min.

Originally it was built without the only nail and it belongs among the biggest wooden buildings in the Central Europe.


/ 42 min.

Just here you can find the most well-preserved conservation area of vernacular architecture in Slovakia. It is the one of the Slovak national treasures of the World cultural heritage UNESCO: Vlkolínec

Orava Castle

/ 46 min.

This national cultural monument rises above the village Oravský Podzámok and the river Orava. The large well-preserved castle the first written historical note of which comes from the year 1267 when it was the royal property: Orava Castle

Likava Castle

/ 25 min.

Gothic castle ruins from the 14th cent. above the village Likavka counts among the biggest castle constructions in Slovakia. The castle site is rather large what is surely worth to find time for the journey through its history: Likava Castle

Kysuce-Orava forest railway

/ 1h 25 min.

This unique headland forest railway with a steam engine from 1918 was used in the past for the transport of the harvested wood from the terrain hard to access: Kysuce-Orava forest railway

Gourmandise,...bars and restaurants in the neighbourhood...

Restaurant Koliba Grétka

/ 1 min.

Taste typical Slovak dishes and specialities such as Slovak cottage cheese, smoked sheep cheese, sauerkraut from the small cask, pirog with filling, potato cakes...

Restaurant Villa Betula

/ 1 min.

Enter the gourmet paradise and try the refined culinary and gastronomic speciality cuisine which is one of the best in Slovakia: Restaurant Villa Betula

Golden Apple Cinema & Marino restaurant

/ 12 min.

3D multiplex in Liptovský Mikuláš - 3 cinema screening rooms, surround sound Dolby Digital, HD-live and films every day and for everyone. The cinema full of experience: Golden Apple Cinema

"Route 66" the most visited bar and restaurant

/ 12 min.

A bar, a restaurant, a summer terrace,...the place where the "live concerts" are regularly organised. “Authentic American Design" = Route 66 Route 66

Music club Happy End - Jasná

/ 23 min.

You can experience top amusement in the ski resort Jasná - the Low Tatras. Professional light and sound equipment with the large-screen displays will guarantee you the most fun experience: Music club Happy End

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